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Leader Desk is a platform where you can express your feelings, share your thoughts and write freely. No one will stop you and no one will block you.

Leader Desk provide latest articles from India and the world in English and Hindi Language. Get Technology, Career, Videos, Photos, Business, Articles, Poems, Songs, Stories from India and the world. Leader Desk is providing free platform for News Writers, Blog Writers, Article Writers, Song Writers, Poem Writers to write anything without any limit.

There is an idea behind starting this Leader Desk platform. We have seen many good voices not coming into light because they were not approved by any platform or by imposing some restriction on them. Here we are trying to filling this gap by providing a platform to every one where they can raise their voices and write anything what you think. There are no any limitations like censorship of Articles. You can write what you want to write.

Leader Desk is providing a platform for Entrepreneurs to share their success stories or failure stories. So, anyone can learn and inspire from their stories. Any startup founder, entrepreneurs, freelancers, CEOs, directors, public figures and anyone who want to share their stories, can write their stories on Leader Desk platform. You can also promote your branding through your stories. It will help you and your brand to get more leads. We have a huge traffic on our website. So, there is more chance to get leads by posting your stories here.

Leader Desk is providing a writing platform for everyone. You can write your stories and show to the world.

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