What factors influence freelance net full stack developer salary?
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There are so many opportunities in the market for the tech industry and for businesses. .NET can be one of the valuable languages they want to adapt to. Many tech giants like Microsoft, Intel, Stack Overflow, and Siemens have already adapted it.


Now, choosing a career from the technical field can be tricky, and a single wrong choice can turn the wheel of your life. One of the branches of this specialized field is net Full stack development. With the increase in demand, salary packages also increase in this sector. The annual salary to be paid to an average net full stack developer in India is 6,20,105 INR. Based on your experience, location, skills, and competition, it will be affected. 


Significant companies like to spend their money on stack developers on a large scale. Here's how:


  • Tata consultancy services: 452846 INR

  • Infosys: 335000 -424000 INR 

  • Accenture: 530241 INR

  • Wipro: 420826 INR

  • Oracle: 1390000- 1693000 INR

  • Tapzo- 1100000-1210000 INR


In India, the job opportunities are highest for net full-stack developers in Bangalore, followed by Mumbai and Gurgaon. These locations provide salaries more than the national average. Here's how:


  • New Delhi: 593391 INR

  • Kolkata: 504036 INR

  • Mumbai: 634612 INR

  • Gurgaon: 620410 INR

  • Ahmedabad: 600000 INR


For a developer with no experience, the net full stack developer salary can start from 3,75,000 INR. But, once these packages are applied, they start increasing with experience. A person with an understanding of 1-4 years will have an average package of 5,53,006 INR, while if the experience grows up to 5-9 years, then it may become 14 lakhs. But if you are a mid-career developer, you may obtain a package of 13,75,689 INR.


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