Why is Science Interesting?

14-09-2022 17:01:29
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If one wonders, why one must study it, then we have many reasons. Let’s get into

One, as we already said, science guides us, when we try to understand every single thing, in our daily lives. From reasonable concepts such as, why we see the sun rising in the east early morning to complicated things like the string theory, various fields of the subject explain it all for us. Science can literally explain everything for all the curious cats!! And this is what mesmerizes the children to study the subject even more. It’s crucial to introduce the subject to students at the elementary level, in the right manner. Students must be taught to understand concepts as real things, not just as theories to remember. Because these concepts will define their understanding and interest in later stages. Students are inquisitive by nature & must be encouraged to learn every subject in the same process.

Second, science helps us in being rational, which all of us would want students to be. Subjects like physics provide us the window to unravel countless mysteries of the world we live in. Confirming with facts is what the aim of the subject is. And this will further hone the analytical & problem-solving skills of the students. It also plays a significant role in building the decision-making skills of life. And today’s competitive world demands us to foster all these skills in children. Subjects like science, hone the problem-solving skills of the people studying it.

Third, which we believe to be the best one, is that Science helps in debunking myths. Imagine a time, when mankind used to believe that lightning doesn’t strike at the same place twice. Or that there is a dark side to the moon. No, there is no dark side, the moon only has a far side that we don’t see. It was only because of medical advancement that people started believing in vaccines. It took a long to convince people, to get shots for flu & other diseases. In so many ways, these things have brought coherence to human life.

Fourth, we have so many subjects to choose from. It’s not just physics, biology & chemistry. These are subjects of natural sciences and are to be studied during school. At the university level, these subjects further branch into subjects like astrophysics, quantum mechanics, inorganic, biochemistry, biotechnology, immunology, and microbiology to name a few. We will not overwhelm you more with names. You can find out about all these subjects later when you are ready.

Lastly, science helps us in inventing, reinvent & discovering. Without it, our society would not have been where it is today. The subject has helped us a lot with technology. Because one attribute of the subjects is its dependency on research & questioning everything. This helps us in exploring & inventing new things.

Science is everywhere. Right from cooking to how the human body works. Students simply need to be taught in the right way to develop their interest in it. This won’t just help students to score well in school but will assist them throughout their academic life. If taught well from the beginning, it will make it easier for students to get through exams like IIT/JEE & NEET.

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