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Hi to all , this is ramki completed my graduation in Computer science Engineering (2014) passed out,
where i didnt apply for any jobs because from college first year itself i had an thought like  i need to be in business,
since my dad is owning an jewellery , so i didnt focus much on programming during college time ,
after i got passed out , my dad asked me to train in some other jewellery concern so that i can learn practical things,i have worked
shop for more than 3 years, but now gold business is not in a right way is dad's opinion
                            Now my grandpa asking me to join in his hotel business(Restaraunt and stay ), but i dont have knowledge in hotel business that much ,
and one more thing , my brother (ie my mom's sister's son), is existingly handling hotel business ,my grandpa asking me to join with him,
my brother is doing already , will it be good to join with him.
                           And my friends telling me like, join in IT industry ,but i dont feel that much interest in programming, since i have tried programming
, but i am so pressurised while doing programming , feeling like uneasy.
so much confused about this carrer deciding , i have to fix it up, please guide
what to do , need your guidance it helps me a lot , pls do consider and give your valuable advice.

25-02-2017 16:33:56


Solution #1

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I don't know how to express but this is the dark side of Indian parents & family. They don't know about their child capability and without judging they have decided to force him to be an engineer or doctor. The world is changing fast but family pressure is still exists in this world. 

Now come to you point. My simple suggestion is if you don't like programming then why you doing this job. Left this job and do whatever you want to do. 

Only you can decide about your future, no one can decide this for you. We can only suggest you. Now think about your situation. If you struggle and learn some more days with dedication and hard work then your life will be easier for you and your future. But what if you join your family business? If your family business is more profitable and well settled then you can join this with no issue. 

Don't confuse with your work. You will learn lots of things in your work environment in pressurized situations. But be honest with you hard work and labor. Don't get pass away your precious time. Use you time with full dedication. If you will learn on daily basis, nothing is impossible. Why not to start learning.

Hope this helps.

Pallav Kumar
26-02-2017 01:26:00