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Gud eve Mate

This is Ramki , Completed my CS Enginnering Studies by last year , since i didn't learn programming at that time , roamed with friends , now i understand the importance of programming , but too late , due to family situation i am forced to join an company to satisfy my family needs , since searched job for last 2 months , and by luck got selected in that concern as php developer , because they have asked very basic question, if programs asked i will not be here by now,

by the day 2 they have given me a task to complete , but i am totally scared about how to solve the task , got puzzled , seniors are telling to refer internet and study by your own , i dont know even how to search for solutions in internet , dont know where to get help , what to study  , very frustrated about my current situation , i am in a position to satisfy family needs, cant able to get out from company , selected by feb 1 2017 and till today i am very much struggling.

dont know what to do , whether stay in job or exit from this , friends are telling like this is an oppurtanity for you , dont come out of concern , it is difficult to get a job is their opinion , without knowing programming dont know how long i am going to survive ,

Had an thought  like to tell manager about my problem ,and ask for some time to learn , dont know will it work or not ,

1000 thoughts coming into head , what decision to take is puzzled ,once exited cant re join is one problem , and being in office without programming knowledge feeling guilty that i am cheating company ,i dont know what to decide , need an expert help , please give me an suitable solution that should not affect my carrer , and my family , since as a last hope i am asking you , your guidance is my final decision , please to consider this message and give me a solution

Thanks in Advance 

17-02-2017 18:57:26


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First thing first,don't get you moral down. If you down your moral then you can not do anything in you life. See there are lots of b.tech graduates out there who doesn't know anything about programming. If you join this company by family financial pressure then you should learn programming or if your financial background is good then skip it and do whatever you want to be. 

If you realy want to work in IT Software industries, you must need to upgrade your knowledge time to time. You have learn programming at any cost. Being in job it's difficult to learn programming and ask for time to learn from manager. They will fire you. 

My suggestion is, find a working professional with minimum 3-5 years of experience in php, mysql and learn those thing from them. Because professional workings are more practical than traditional teachers. You can search tutor online from these locations:




Don't be hopeless, there are always a open way after a closed door.

Hope this helps.

Pallav Kumar
17-02-2017 23:41:31