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Gud eve Mate , I am a final year student studying BE cse , where i want to be as a software programmer . but i am feeling little bit scary about programming

let me make you clear , i want to be as a programmer , but i am feeling like am i really got interest in coding or not , can i make it or not , i am doing programming , thinking for solution , but when failed feeling like i am not fit for programming ,

need to know that am i the one facing this awkward situation , 

give me a solution , this is not place for this question i can understand, but sorry for that , here the expert will be giving solution thats y

sorry if anything done , but pls do give me a solution

09-02-2017 18:09:57


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Actually programs developed in a programming language and the collective of programs is called software. There are different method in different programming language. Best programmer does not limit his skills on one programming language. Diversity is the key strength of all good programmers. Every programming language has it's own advantage or disadvantage. If you want to develop an enterprise level software go for Microsoft .Net technology, for small scale website go for PHP, for App development go for Android or C#, XAML. So, There are many things that will be learned. Learn anything what you need to learn.

Now come to your point, actually there are lots of institutions available in India who just give degree without knowledge. If you really want to be a software developer, start from scratch. If you want to make a career in Software/Hardware industries, you need to up to date your knowledge with latest Software/Hardware technology.

As a software engineer I suggest you to learn programming languages. C#, Java, ASP, PHP, Python, JavaScript, Android are better options in programming.

Why not you start from C & C++, both are mother languages for programmers. If you are weak in problem solving skills, my suggestion is to buy a book called "Let Us C" by Yashavant Kanetkar ( This book will help you in development of your skills from basic to advance. Learn with dedication, anything is possible with dedication.

Feel free to ask anything. This portal is develop for all type of questions/Answers/Blogs/Creative Ideas. 

Hope this helps.

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