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21-07-2017 20:43:25

Reliance Jio Phone Launched by Mukesh Ambani at Reliance AGM. This Jio phone features Free With Rs. 1,500 Deposit, Unlimited 4G Data & free calling. The handset, introduced as "India ka Smartphone" and launched at an price of Rs. 0 (cool upfront deposit of Rs. 1,500 for this device is required). Jio users can get refund of their Rs. 1500 after 3 years if user will surrender this phone to Reliance. This is the crucial point for Jio users.

I don't know what policy Reliance has taken to meet users requirement but this phone is no longer free for users. And in my opinion why this phone will available in free of cost. This should not be free. Mukesh Ambani should launched this phone at price of Rs. 1500 not for free.

Do you know about some psychological effects. There are many effects like visual effects wink. Now coming to the point they tie up with intex to made this phone available to user and the processor is made in china, the point is if Reliance had launced this phone in Rs. 1500, I am sure that no one will buy this damn thing because there are plenty of options available today in India for 4G phone in around 3k. Why user will choose intex phone ?

The phone will be available from August 15 - for testing, in beta, and will be up for pre-booking from August 24 from the MyJio app and Jio offline stores. Users who pre-book will be able to buy the phone from September, on a first come first serve basis like flash sale. It will come with a couple of different data packs.

Users can either pay Rs. 153 per month, for which they will get free voice and SMS, and unlimited data (high-speed data FUP is 500MB per day), along with Jio apps. They can also choose to pay Rs. 309 per month to get all this, plus the support for mirroring your screen on a TV, via a cable that can even be plugged into CRT TVs. After three years, you can return the phone, and get a full refund on the deposit. Aside from that, the company will also have two sachet packs, at Rs. 24 for two days, or Rs. 54 per week, for users who don't want to commit to Rs. 153 as an upfront payment. 


The JioPhone was introduced by Akash and Isha Ambani, revealing the phone’s support voice commands, along with standard feature phone functionality. Isha Ambani said that the phone looks familiar by design, to ensure that it is easy to use. The phone comes with a number of apps and browser installed aside from Jio’s offerings too. On stage, we caught glimpses of the JioPhone browser, Facebook, and also PM Modi’s Mann Ki Baat broadcast.

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"There are 78 crore mobile phones in India," Mukesh Ambani pointed out. "However, in this 78 crore, there are more than 50 crore feature phone users, who have been left out. They can neither afford the cheapest LTE smartphone, nor the exorbitant cost of data."

"Data is the oxygen of digital life, and no Indian should suffer because of unaffordability," he added. "Sadly the vast majority of mobile users are starved of data. This unfairness must end, and Jio is committing to ending it today."

To accomplish this, the company needs to deliver on three pillars, Ambani said - connectivity, data affordability, and device affordability. "Jio is a data strong network built for the Internet from the ground up," he said. "The TRAI speedtest portal has consistently ranked Jio as the clear 4G network leader in coverage, usage, and data speeds."


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