Top programming languages employers want the most

Pallav Kumar
11-01-2018 11:20:16
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There are a lot of things that need to be taken into account before making a decision, especially when it comes to which programming language you should learn. One of the easiest ways to pick the best programming language to learn for 2018 is by listening to the market. The market will tell you what the trending programming languages are for the future. We must be aware of the trends and watching the news and the rise of new technology so we can adjust the sails on which programming languages to learn, especially in 2018 with a lot of new things coming up. A web developer, you're pretty much going to be using JavaScript. If you're thinking about learning a new programming language, you don’t know much JavaScript or you're a new developer, you're probably going to find a job if you know JavaScript. Therefore JavaScript is a really good language to learn.

Here is list of top programming languages:

Top Programming Languages to Learn in 2018. Stackoverflow.


ASP.NET, C#, PHP, Java, Javascript, Python, .NET Framework, SQL Server, Oracle, C, C++, AWS, Agile

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