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best home tuition classes for ICSE, private tutors for cbse
30-04-2019 17:01:18

There are several institutes present in Kolkata that provides training for NTSE examination. But the best way to get the quality training is to seek the guidance of such a tutor who can prepare you exactly following the exam pattern. In this case the best option is to seek the guidance of online tuitions to crack this year NTSE exam properly. For cracking the exam the best way is to seek the assistance of a professional online tuition provider in Kolkata. The reason being they will provide the student’s the same learning environment they will have to face in the examination hall. Better to say online learning will prepare the student in more efficient manner than that of offline students.

Therefore let’s find out what are the important points to be kept in mind in order to select the private tutor for your preparation of NTSE examination.

There are various ways by which you can prepare the students well for the upcoming NTSE examination.

  • Speed of solving the questions:-

When you opt for seeking online tuitions for NTSE examinations then you will get the scope of preparing the concepts in a better manner. The reason being due to online preparation your time management skills will improve. More you give time behind the preparation the better will be your result in the examination.

  • Time management skills will improve:-

Time management is the most important point for scoring well in the exam especially in any competitive exam. The more you can save time for yourself in the examination the better will be for you to score well. When you prepare in the online mode then it is a time bound preparation. The timer always clicks and if you can handle this pressure then in the real exam you can easily give your best.

  • Proper execution of plans:-

Every student before the examination prepares a plan for attempting the question before the exam. But only few people can score well in the exam. But our motive is to convert the few students to many students. In this regard, the best option is to seek the assistance of a professional online tuition provider in the state. We can help students in converting their plan in to action.

  • Better understanding of the concepts:-

When you see things then you will understand the concepts better. But if you read things then it becomes very difficult to understand the concepts in a proper order. This is why the understanding of the concepts becomes very easy if you seek the help of online tuitions.

Hence, from the above information it has become clear that how online education can help your child to survive in this academic competition.  In this regard, the services of Gurusiksha can be of great help for you. They possess the best online tutors to help your child in getting the quality tuitions at a very reasonable rate. To know more about their services you can visit their official website

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renif kavin
27-04-2019 16:37:55

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software testing manual testing manual testing tutorial software testing course software testing tutorials
roni dany
27-04-2019 14:35:13

Tech Trainers is one of the leading provider of IT online trainings.
Our goal is to provide quality training and share the expertise of our dedicated professional team of Subject Matter Experts.
We are a team of highly experienced and real time professionals in the respective fields. All our trainers are having 10+ years of real time experience in IT industry.
Our trainings are filled with real-time experiences and examples which will provide enough confidence and understanding to build their careers. We also help in finding solutions to real time problems they face in future.
Our students span across the globe starting from ASIAPAC, Americas, Europe, Middle-East and Africa.
We provide online trainings which best suits to the location timings.


  • All our trainers are real time experienced people who has more than 10+ years of IT industry experience
  • Our Trainers are SME (Subject Matter Experts) and also part of interview panel team
  • Mock interviews will be conducted with every individual participants
  • Assignments will be given after every session to have hands on experience
  • Guidance on Resume preparation
  • Life time access to video recordings
  • Support for all your queries
  • We always update our course content as per the latest industry needs
Best Home Tutors in kolkata, Best Private Tutors in Kolkata
24-04-2019 16:00:34

You being a teacher always want respect along with the money. This fact no one can negate. But another hardcore reality is also there along with respect, money also matters the most. But here also a private tutor will face a stiff competition. Today, in India there is no scarcity of quality private tutor. Each and every individual starts his /her career or better to say the earning as a private tutor in India. We all are lining in such a nation where the price of every product is creeping each day. Even the prices of essential food products are also rising. So, to cope up with such a situation the best way is to increase the level of earning.

First of all some small but important steps that a teacher need to take in this regard are as follows.

So, let’s explore some of the important points in the light of this matter one after the other

  • Building a Community:-

Building a strong student community is very important for generating revenue at a consistent rate. There are two important part in this process first is creating a quality study materials and second thing is to make people buy this study materials. The first part is easy but the second part is tough. To overcome the tough part fruitfully you need to stay vigilant in this regard.

  • Start a blog:-

Writing a blog as per your field of expertise can be a great option for you. It can help you to spread the awareness about the strength of your knowledge. Today, most of the students are using social platforms for communication and so these medium can be used effectively by you to generate money. By posting blogs to various social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Diggo, Medium and many more are there.

  • Creating online course material:-

Creating an online course material can boost up your profile very easily. It can also help you to generate revenue at a very fast pace. Online course material will help you to boost up your online sales of materials. After appearing for the tuition session’s students need to study for themselves the topics that are being taught. In most cases offline tutors provide verbal lectures on topics. Written notes they don’t provide on the other hand if your course material serve their need then it can easily help you to generate more revenue just by staying back in the home.

  • Self publish your book:-

When you self publish your book online then the chances of generation of revenue increases a lot. There are various portals like e-Kindle Amazon where with little effort you can publish your book without investing any money. In 20-25 countries your books will be published and you can easily earn in millions.

  • Preparing Lesson plans:-

Sometimes students are not very sure how to strategize their lesson plans. In such a scenario preparing proper and constructive lesson plans and to guide those in their curriculum will be a great help for them. This will make things much easier for the students and being a private tutor you can earn as much as you can from multiple students at a time.

All the above mentioned points will be very helpful if you are new to the teaching profession and require creating solid student base. Better to say teachers who are new entrant in this field of education and who are not the teacher of any professional institute or organization can get benefitted from this information.


Initially, private tutors don’t get bulk tuitions for themselves. It require some time to build a solid student base and to make the process faster startup teachers with zero teaching background from any reputed organization experience better exposure in the market through this process. For helping them in their activity one such platform is present in Kolkata popularly known as It will help new teachers in creating a strong student base for them.


Thus, along with respect tutors can earn more money for themselves from these platforms. Just they need to be consistent in their approach for longer duration. Better commitment can help the teacher in achieving the desired result for themselves.

home tutors for olympiads, private tutors for olympiads
09-04-2019 15:11:20

home tuition in kolkata

Most of the parents today are worried about seeking the best home tuition in kolkata. In this case, there are certain important points that you need to consider before seeking the services. Getting a quality tutor is really a difficult task today. Most of the teacher are either under qualified or over qualified for this task. In both the scenario the student’s development falls in a stake. Hence before selecting a tutor for your child you first need to consider certain important points. 

Mode of tuition that you want to get

Today, in Kolkata the system of imparting private tuitions has also modified a lot. There are basically two modes of private tuition available in the city today. First is the traditional home tuition in Kolkata and second one is the online tuitions in Kolkata. In both the cases the choice of tutors and their experience matters a lot. But in case of online tutors you have more options and convenience compared to offline tuitions.  

So, let’s explore some of the key points that you need to consider before seeking the assistance of a private tutors.

home tuition in kolkata

Tutors qualification and background:- 

The qualification and the background of the home tutor in kolkata play a very vital role in selecting a teacher. Before you seek the assistance of any tutor you must cross check their details first. Now in case of online selection of teachers is done by an agency who have years of experience in screening the CV’s of the teacher. On the other hand in case of offline mode you need to check it on your own. 

The class size of the teacher plays a vital role:-    

The class size of the private tutor matters the most for your student. The reason being smaller the size the better will be it for your child. More attention and individual care is possible in case of small size of private tuition classes in Kolkata. Students will get better insights of the concepts to score well in the exam.

Testimonials of the tutor:-     

Testimonials of the private tutor speak thousand words about the teacher than his own words. So, the best way to judge a teacher is to cross check his /her testimonials and the guardian’s feedback about the teacher. These small but crucial things can change the academic performance of your child. In case, of an agency they will provide you the details but in case you search it on your own it will be difficult to get the same.

Cross check the track records of the tutor:-   

Before seeking the admission to a tutor it is very important to understand the track records of the tutor. In this regard certain things are very crucial regarding this matter.

  1. Test results of the past and existing candidates
  2. Classroom grades of the students     
  3. Home work completion of the students on regular basis
  4. Survey the level of satisfaction the parents and students have after seeking his /her services. 

  These are some of the important facts that is essential while you cross check the track records of a coaching center or a qualified private tutor for your child.  

When and where will the sessions will take place:-

The time and place of the sessions plays a very crucial role in selecting a tutor. This will have a direct impact of the preparation pattern of the students. After getting the tuition they also need some time to prepare for the next class. Thus the location of the private tutor before the session is very important factor.   

What is the way of teaching:-  

The way a teacher teaches matters a lot. The reason being it can easily make or break a student’s career. Hence before selecting a teacher for home tuition in Kolkata you need to be cautious about these facts.   

From where you can get quality home tuition or tutors in Kolkata   

From Gurusiksha you can get the quality teachers online. They also have online app from where you can book the tutor as per your choice by viewing their past experience and testimonials. To know more about gurusiksha and all post to explore more. In their online platform best teachers of the states are impaneled. Just you need to cross check the best private tutors that will satisfy your requirement.     


know more about per class basis analysis how to choose private tutor in kolkata.

Gre coaching in delhi Best gre coaching in delhi Best gre coaching
rostrum singh
19-03-2019 16:40:04

Rostrum Education is a premier tutoring and education consultancy founded in London in 2016 with an aim – “to assist students with their learning curve and to provide them a global platform, thereby enabling them to achieve their academic goals.” 

With a motto to teach beyond boundaries, Rostrum provides a diverse range of tutoring and consultancy services to students belonging to different curriculums like International Baccalaureate, IGCSE and A- Levels. Rostrum is headquartered in London and operates around the world with offices in Dubai and New Delhi, creating a global matrix of learning. 

Our team of experienced tutors help students realize their full potential, to achieve academic excellence. Furthermore, this academic excellence is translated into success by our education consultants and counsellors who facilitate students in securing an admission into the university of their choice. Apart from our team, we also have the Rostrum Community – a vast network consisting of students and alumni from leading universities around the world – to guide and motivate students.

We welcome you to join the Rostrum community to lay the foundation to a successful future! 


Delhi : Phone:  +91-9899966077 / +91 7289915813

Address: K-317, Lado Sarai, Mehrauli Badarpur Road, New Delhi

London: Phone: +44 2034882317  

Address: 34 Hessel Street, London, E1 2LR

mischievous,notorious,behavioral disorders, adhd,hyperactive,impulsive, what is adhd
02-03-2019 11:15:25

Every child behaves notorious or mischievous at some point in his childhood or teenage life.Parents could also come across a rebel and angry side of their child irrespective where their child is an introvert, extrovert, smart or less active these are normal behavior of a child that every parent may face. But what can be alarmed as a warning sign is the extremeness of such behavior when a parent or teacher is unable to handle a child’s anger, mischievous or notoriousness then a parent must understand that his/her child need a help, such can be termed as a behavioral disorder.

Behavior that can be termed as active, the naughty yet normal behavior of a child.

- Loves indulge in activities that require movement.

-Preference for outdoor activities


-Throwing tantrums

- Excitability

- Complaints from the School.

One of the very common behavioral disorder among a child is ADHD.

What is ADHD? ADHD is a condition when on-going pattern of inattention, implusivity and hyperactiveness consistently present in a child. The sign of adhd includes:-


2- Impulsiveness

3- Hyperactivity

As a parent and teacher one can also help him/her to normalize these behaviors. Methods include-

-Parental behavior therapy

-Behavioral therapy with children

- Instrumental conditioning

The other kind of behavioral disorder includes Oppositional Defiant Disorder or Conduct Disorder.

The blog explains in detail about the different kinds of behavioral disorder in a child and ways to help a child overcome it.

personality development, how to develop personality ,personality development tips,self development,self improvement,theories of personality,what is personal development
01-03-2019 17:33:00

Personality is basically a behavior, appearance and a bet of beliefs that an individual possesses imbibe from its surrounding. Each person in this world has a different and unique personality.

What is personality development or personal development? It is basically improving or grooming one’s personality for enhancing ones inner and outer abilities, making stronger presence and for getting better opportunities in aspect to job and career. As you go through the blog you will come across different theories of personality, Personality development tips and personal development plan etc. In brief this blog basically talks about self development or self improvement through ways like-

(i)  Dealing with Performance anxiety-

  1. One minute rule
  2. Thinking of audience as friends
  3. Faith
  4. Smile
  5. Staying natural


(ii) Speaking impact-full, improving on your communication skills-

  1. Listening passionately
  2. The magic of tones and voices
  3. Completeness and clarity
  4. Body posture (nonverbal cues)
  5. Using the correct speed
  6. Speaking mindful


(ii)  Transforming from dull to dynamic

  1. Thorough preparation
  2. Sense of humor
  3. Stage management
  4. Being respectful


(iv) The empowering link between personality and appearance

(v) Tips for self- grooming

(vi) Methods to become a leader

But why do we need personality development? Why is developing one’s personality is important?  Each person possesses the quality of standing out in a crowd. Personality development is a step to polish to polish that quality, refining one’s speaking abilities, appearance, expanding one’s knowledge, adopting a health life style etc all these to make a better presence and to gain advantageous position in jobs, careers and also other aspects of life like public speaking, family gathering, a group discussion between friends, colleagues etc.



job satisfaction, , work satisfaction ,job satisfaction factors, job involvement , importance of job satisfaction, Employee ,job satisfaction definition
21-02-2019 15:29:20

Companies across the world, has finally realized the importance of job satisfaction among their employees. High job satisfaction results in high productivity which eventually leads to higher profits.   Job satisfaction definition goes as,  a feeling fulfillment  or enjoyment that an employee derives from its job or his/ her field of work. It is also  known as work satisfaction. While companies are doing their best to provide better facilities to the people working for them and adopting measures to increases their job involvement, an individual should also take into consideration their things that can help him/her to create a positive work and right environment for itself. The following mention job satisfaction factors that an individual should embrace in order to achieve job that makes one happy. These job satisfaction factors includes-

1-  Choosing Happiness/ satisfaction over salary or job title: To identify whether a particular makes you happy or just choosing it because it promises a good salary or job title.

2-  To known that their a job and a career- Not every person doing a job has a career. Read the blog know the difference between them.

online tuition classes, private tutor, home tutor in kolkata
21-01-2019 18:26:34

Best online platform to learn in india

here at, taking up a holistic approach in blend with cutting-edge technology, make sure this life is beautiful, fulfilling and high-rewarding for each of our students.

In just a small span, has emerged to be a favorite online learning destination, assisting students beyond attaining good grades. Our courses are designed intensively and uniquely, in concurrence of the given syllabus, that’s more than just about getting high-paying jobs. We help our shishhya make a happy living. And this is the foremost reason why is already a much-loved name among hundreds of students and parents from across India.

Established with a dream to make high-quality learning attainable for everyone irrespective of their financial limitations, we’re a bunch of enthused individuals with years of experience in the education sector. We offer a wide range of courses under a single roof, vouching for maximum convenience to students.

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14-01-2019 14:55:48

Allegiance Educare ranks among the top Career Counselling center  in India.  We aim to ease the complicated process of career planning and job search, for students and working professionals by taking into Consideration their interest,  personality,  aptitude and shortlisting the most suitable career path or job title for them.

Our Career Counseling process includes- first step online career assessment test, second auto-generated test result. These results include most suitable careers or job titles for the student as per his/her performance in the test.  In the third step we arrange a personalized face to face career guidance session with our best rated career advisor near by student's preferred location.  

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23-10-2018 12:22:23

We are here to provide AC Installation Service for all types Of AC , Like Window AC Installation Service, Split AC Installation Service, Cube AC Installation Service, Ductable AC Installation Service, Commercial AC Installation Service, Tower AC Installation Service, Portable AC Installation Service From All Brands Like Lg AC, Samsung AC, Whirlpool AC, Videocon AC, Hitachi AC, Haier AC, Godrej AC, Panasonic AC, Electrolux AC, Kelvinator AC, IFB AC,Sansui AC, Bosch AC, Fisher And Paykel AC, BPL AC, Sharp AC, GEM AC, Siemens AC, Croma AC, GE AC, Blue Star AC, Voltas AC, Sanyo AC, Fujitsu AC, Mitsubishi, White Westinghouse AC, O General AC, Daikin AC, Carrier AC, Kenstar AC, Hyundai AC, Toshiba AC, Onida AC, TCL AC, Philips AC, Napoleon AC,Lloyd AC, Koryo AC, Actron AC, Midea AC, Fujitsu AC, Vestar AC For All Over India.We also provide new remotes for ac.We repair AC PCB,AC Fan Motor.We provide installation for all types of Ac's on affordable price.We provide home service for Ac Installation Service.Our Ac Installation Service Centre is fully private AC Installation Service centre.We provide services on chargeable basis.We service and repair only out of warranty products.

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Ahmad sablouh
31-07-2018 16:03:25

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